5 Best and Most Reliable Antivirus Applications

Internet is a nice place to hangout but at the same time it is dangerous too. If you don’t have good antivirus software then forget about the secure browsing. You will eventually land up getting your system infected with some nasty computer viruses like Trojans, Conficker and many more. These computer viruses are capable enough to steal away your personal information. This is why you need to have a good antivirus. We listed 5 best and most reliable antivirus applications to help you in this regard.

5 Best & Most Reliable Antivirus Applications

This list includes both free and paid antivirus applications. You can choose the paid and unpaid versions as per your convenience.

1. AVG Antivirus (Freeware & Shareware)

AVG antivirus is a good lightweight anitivirus application which comes in both paid and unpaid versions. AVG provides protection against many viruses floating on internet. The current available AVG antivirus version is 10.0. AVG overhauled their interface after version 7.0 and the new interface was launched with many goodies even for free license holders.

2. NOD32 (Shareware)

If there is any antivirus with small system footprint and good speed then it is definitely NOD32. Its hardcore users also commit that this antivirus is not only comprehensive but bulletproof for their system problems related to viruses. The latest version 5 (for Home) is in beta mode and has many new features like parental control, cloud power scanning, enhanced media control and other geeky features like advanced HIPS functionality, advanced setup tree & gamer mode.

3. Avast (Freeware & Shareware)

Avast antivirus is available in both freeware (Home) and shareware (Professional) versions. Many AVG switchers approach Avast first. As per the weight of Avast, it’s slightly heavier on system resources but as far as it provides enhanced protection; users hardly bother about its increased footprint. The free version would require your email address to get a free registration. The current version is 6 available with enhanced features.

4. Microsoft Security Essentials (Freeware)

Microsoft is also there in this race. Security Essentials is a undoubtedly a very good antivirus as it was made while keeping Windows versions in mind. Those who don’t have a genuine Windows OS wouldn’t be able to easily bypass the installation as it also checks the genuineness of the operating system. The currently available version is 2.1.

5. Avira AntiVir (Freeware and Shareware)

Last but not the least, Avira AntiVir is a go-to freeware app for detecting certain malware and spyware that many other antivirus apps miss. The shareware version of AntiVir is also available who wish to go for extra protection. The current version is 10.0.

If you find any other antivirus which suits this list then do let us know. So far you wont find any problem in using your system once you install any of these antivirus applications as they are the best and most reliable antivirus applications.

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