7 Google Chrome Extensions For Screenshot

Chrome extensions gallery have loads of extensions. If you don’t know about a particular extension then it would be hard for you to find it out from the pile. Extensions are designed to solve certain tasks. Like in few of our earlier posts we told about extensions good for web designers, block websites and many more. But as we told you that we specifically test extensions and then give you a list of extensions, so here is a list of 6 screen capture chrome extensions.

List of Screen Capture Chrome Extensions

  • Aviary Screen Capture : We already mentioned about this extension in one of our earlier post about chrome extensions for web designers. Aviary is a very good extension for screen capture. You can do graphic design and even audio editing with its powerful creative applications. The webtools are easily accessible with the help of this extension and you can edit any screenshot with in your browser.

  • Picnik Extension For Chrome : Another chrome extension which is beautifully designed to edit photos online. Picnik lets you to pick any image from a webpage. You can add annotation, edit or even share it with the help of this simple chrome extension.

  • Screenshot : Name itself explains about this simple chrome extension. With a single click you capture current screen on a webpage which will automatically open in a new tab where you can view and save the image.
  • Webpage Screenshot : Webpage Screenshot is a very simple and fast chrome extension. With this extension you can capture whole webpage in a single click. Once you take the screenshot, you have an option to resize it before saving.

  • PageShot : PageShot is another chrome extension with which you can take screenshot of any webpage. The only difference is that you can capture only visible part of the webpage. JCrop powers its visual cropping selector.

  • Zoho Notebook : Zoho Notebook is a multiple featured chrome extension. With Zoho Notebook you can take screenshot and clip important text or URLs from web. The screenshots are automatically uploaded to your Zoho Notebook account.

  • Pixlr Grabber : Grab visible screen of any webpage or select entire page. Pixlr gives opportunity to not only to take screenshots according to your preference but you can share the images by automatically uploading it to imm.io which is an image sharing service.

So these are the best chrome extensions to take screenshot of any webpage. Although there is no such ranking for these chrome extensions because they have their individual and separate features but still we have listed them according to our preference.

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