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Do you wish to block websites in Chrome? Well there are several methods to do that. One we told some time back in which by editing hosts file you can block any website in any of browser. That was one solution for all but not everyone likes that geeky method. So we have a new method to block websites in a very easy manner but this time it is just for chrome only.


This method is no longer helpful as the BlockIt chrome extension has been discontinued. We have given an another method to block websites in Chrome. Kindly refer that.

Chrome extensions come really handy when you have a specific purpose. To block websites in Chrome there is a chrome extension which could help you. The name of this extension is Blockit. Let’s learn how we can block websites in chrome with Blockit.

Steps to Block Websites In Chrome

  • Download and install Blockit Chrome Extension.
  • Now click on wrench icon on the top right hand corner of Chrome address bar and navigate for “Extensions”. Click on Extensions to get the list of installed chrome extensions.

  • Look for Blockit extension. You will find link for “Option”.

  • Click the “Option” button which will direct you to its password page. Just click login without filling anything as password. There is no password set till now so you can login directly.

  • In a new tab you will get a page with the settings like “Sites to Block”. Just fill in the websites which you wish to block.
  • After entering the website URLs, click the “Block” button.

  • To set the pass word, scroll down on the same page where you entered the URLs. Under “Change Access Password” you can set your desired password.

  • Once you are done with the above process, the blocked website will show the set message like “The webpage is blocked by administrator”.

This is how you can block websites in Chrome. If you want to unblock the websites then just repeat the process and click on “Unblock All” button where you filled the website URLs to block them. BlockIt chrome extension will also work in incognito mode if you check the option to allow its preferences.

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