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JQS JavaEver heard of Jqs.exe? Jqs.exe is generally visible when you open your Windows Task manager. It’s basically a process which system runs on low priority basis. Memory consumption is just 1.5MB (of computer memory) and 2MB (of virtual memory). This program is nothing but Java where Jqs stands for Java quick starter.

Jqs.exe helps in improving the startup time of certain Java applets and applications. This is handy tool for those people who are using Java. But even if you are not a regular user of Java, still it helps in opening many websites. For those who don’t want to use this handy back hand tool can easily disable it. There is a simple process by which you can disable Jqs.exe.

Steps to disable Jqs.exe

  • Open windows control panel.
  • Locate the entry named Java to open Java control panel.
  • Click ‘Advanced’ where in miscellaneous you will find the activated Java Quick Starter entry.
  • Uncheck the option to disable Jqs.exe.

By this method you can easily disable Jqs.exe which you can even check in Windows Task manager.

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