Disable Startup Programs in Mac OS X

Dylan asks: My Mac is not booting up as fast as earlier. Can you please tell me how to disable startup programs in Mac OS X?

Just like Dylan, if your Mac is also not booting as fast as it used to, it could be due to more number of startup programs. The solution is simple to disable startup programs just like we do in Windows.

Reasons for Delay in Startup of Mac OS X

There could be many reasons for delay in startup. The major reasons are:

a) Excess programs at startup

b) Unused hardware

c) Low RAM

But today we have to focus on how to disable startup programs in Mac OS X. So, here’s how to disable startup programs in Mac OS X.

How To Disable Startup Programs in Mac OS X

To disable startup programs in Mac OS X just follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Click the Apple icon on the menu bar and then select the system preferences.

System preferences Mac OS X

  • This will open the System Preferences screen. Now under System click on Users and Groups.

System Users And Groups options in Mac OS X

  • The Users & Groups window will open where you will find two tabs on the top. Click on Login items.
  • Under Login Items deselect the programs which you don’t wish to launch during startup.

Uncheck Programs from Login Items list in Mac OS X

  • To completely remove the item (program) from the Login items list, just select it and then click the minus (-) button present below just like shown in image.

Remove program from Login Item list in Mac OS X

  • If you wish to add an item (program) to the Login items list, click on plus (+) button and then pick a program from the Applications folder as your choice. Finally click Add to include it in the list.

Add program to login item list in Mac OS X

So this is the process which you should follow to disable or remove startup programs in Mac OS X. After you follow the process, just reboot your Mac and you will find it booting faster. Tell us what all programs you allow to load at start up in your Mac.

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