Download And Install Addons or Plugins In Dreambox Satellite Decoder

Dreambox satellite decoder is a powerful Linux based machine. It is not like other conventional satellite receivers. Users can enhance its capability and functionality by downloading and installing addons. But the question is how to download and install addon or plugins in Dreambox Satellite Decoder. Well that’s what we are going to tell you today.

How to Download and Install Addon or Plugins In Dreambox Decoder

To download and install addons or plugin in Dreambox satellite decoder, you have to follow below given steps.

  • Go to the “Menu” > “Setup” >”Blue-Panel“.

  • Once you selected Blue-Panel, browse to “Addons” and then look for download (Gemini-Server).

  • Wait for few seconds for the downloading process with downloading catalog. You would also see a percentage bar in progress along with all available downloads categorized into proper groups.

  • Now browse to “Plugins” and then click “OK”. This will bring you to the next level where available plugins will be ready for download and use.
  • Select any one of them according to your choice and then click OK. It will start downloading the respective plugin.
  • By the time, click Exit button twice to go back again to “Blue-Panel“. From there you can go to “Plugins (Tools)” where you can see those downloaded plugins ready for use.

By following these steps you can easily download and install addons or plugins in your Dreambox satellite decoder. Now if you are thinking that how addons or plugins can be deleted from Dreambox satellide decoder, then read one of our earlier post mentioning about the process.


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