Download and Install Opera Mini for Samsung Wave

Samsung Wave is a complete smartphone and whatever is left is completed with the help of apps. One of the inbuilt app of Samsung Wave is Dolfin browser for internet surfing. But there are people who are comfortable with Opera mini from longtime due to their previous handsets. Now you can also get Opera mini for your Samsung Wave.

Download and Install Opera Mini for Samsung Wave

To download and install Opera mini for Samsung Wave properly follow the below given steps.

  • Open menu and go to “Internet”. It will open Dolfin browser which is default browser of Samsung Wave.

  • Now type “” in address bar and load the website. Once the site is loaded, you will get the download link for Opera mini 6 on your screen.

  • Tap on the link and it will open a new page where you have to tap on “Save” button to start the downloading.

  • Now tap on tabs icon in your Dolfin browser and then select the download manager.

  • In the download manager window you will see downloaded file of Opera mini. Tap on “Play” button to install Opera mini.

  • Opera mini will self-install in your Samsung Wave, once the play button is tapped.

But after installation you will see that Opera mini is coming with full screen view like the dolphin browser. So to get the full screen effect in Opera mini you have to follow few more steps.

  • To get the full screen view, go to Games and more in Samsung wave menu.

  • Now tap the button for extra hidden options at the lower middle of screen (As shown in the image).

  • Tap the option for “Use virtual keypad”. It will give you the applications which use virtual keypad i.e. Opera mini.

  • Uncheck the options for Opera mini and then save it.

From now on when you will open Opera Mini on your Samsung Wave you would be able to enjoy the full screen features. Opera mini with full screen feature would look like this.

Now enjoy surfing websites on your Samsung Wave through opera mini with full screen interface.

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