Download Opera Mini for Nokia 5800

Opera Mini is perhaps one of the fastest browsers  for mobile phones today.  It is developed and supported by Opera Software , the company behind popular Opera web browser. Using Opera on a smart phone like Nokia 5800 is a great experience because of its  responsiveness. Opera Mini saves your money on mobile data plans by Opera’s compression technology which reduces data costs by up to 90%. Also it helps the user in surfing the  web on his/her phone as easily as on a desktop computer. No matter which phone you are using, if it supports Opera mini then you will surely get the smooth user experience.

Why is it better than other browsers ?

Unlike the default browser on your mobile phone , Opera Mini requests web pages through the Opera Software company’s servers, which process and compress them before relaying the pages back to the mobile phone.

This compression process makes transfer time about two to three times faster, and the pre-processing smooths compatibility with web pages not designed for mobile phones. Therefore even those sites which are not optimized for mobile browsing render well on Opera Mini.

Where to download?

You can either download Opera Mini through your mobile device or use your PC to install it on your mobile .  If you wish to download Opera Mini through your mobile phone , go to and follow the on screen instructions.

If you wish to use your computer to install Opera mini , click here to download the application file.

Once you install Opera Mini on your Nokia 5800 you will find its icon in the Applications  folder of 5800’s menu system.

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