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Brian asks: I have a lot of webpages bookmarked in Firefox. But at times I feel really hard to find specific bookmarked webpages because of their different title and description. Please tell me how to edit these bookmarks in Firefox.

Firefox is the second most exploited web browser in whole world. The browser is of fine class and offers a huge range of facilities in the form of free addons and inbuilt features. One of its inbuilt features is to bookmark websites. It’s a common feature although but handling bookmarks in Firefox is pretty simple. Today we will try to learn how to edit bookmarks in Firefox.

Process to Edit Bookmarks in Firefox

  • Open Firefox Browser.
  • Click on “Bookmarks” in menu bar.

  • Go to “Organize Bookmarks”. Once you click it, a new window will open named “Library”.
  • In left side panel you will find an option for “Bookmarks Menu”. Click on it to get further option in right side panel. You will find your list of bookmarks listed there.

  • Click on your specific bookmark to edit its title and description. You will find some options to edit it in the lower part of right side panel.

  • To edit description or to add keywords you have to click “More”. Once you are done with editing, close the Library window and start accessing your bookmarks in sorted manner.

So this is how you can edit bookmarks in Firefox. People who are using earlier version of Firefox i.e. Firefox version 2.x can use an addon which works works perfectly fine for this purpose. It is Flat Bookmarks Editing.

It gives user an option of editing bookmarks without taking the above mentioned steps i.e. you can edit your bookmarks directly. You can download Flat Bookmarks Editing from Mozilla’s addons site.

So start editing your bookmarks and if you have any other option of doing it like any other addon which you know then do share with us. :)

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