Find Samsung Wave Mac Address Easily

Samsung Wave GT-S8500 is one of the finest mobile available in Samsung smartphones category. This beautiful handset is loaded with many goodies. Super AMOLED screen is one the most highlighting features. But today we are going to discuss its one of the key feature which lets you to access Wi-Fi. Samsung Wave is a Wi-Fi phone. If you wish to surf internet on Samsung Wave, you need to know its mac address which is required when internet usage is limited to those systems whose mac addresses are added in modem settings. So today we will tell you how to Find Samsung Wave Mac Address Easily.

Find  Samsung Wave Mac Address

To find Mac address follow these steps mentioned below.

  • Open menu in you Samsung Wave.

  • Now open “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to open “About Phone”.

  • Once you open “About Phone”, you will get 3 options out of which you have to select “System Info”.

  • As soon as you open “System Info” you will get information about the device under the tab named “Device” where Mac address will be mentioned for your Samsung Wave.

This is how you can find the Mac address in your Samsung Wave GT-S8500.

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Anuj October 16, 2010 at 4:54 pm

How do I connect Samsung Wave to mac? I just bought the phone and am now freaking out – what if it doesn’t connect to mac at all! Which i find hard to believe. I tried usb which shows nothing and bluetooth doesn’t fetch all the folders / files.


Rockin October 26, 2010 at 8:01 am

Connecting your Samsung Wave is pretty easy. I would suggest if you are not using Samsung Kies then Mass storage is a good option to connect with your Mac. This you can do by applying a small setting. Go to Settings>Connectivity>USB. Set your USB option as “Ask on connection”. Now whenever you will connect your Samsung Wave with Mac it will ask you before connecting. Choose “Mass storage” to directly access your memory card through this option.

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