Firefox 4 Tips: Tab Management

Mozilla Firefox 4 has broken all records so far. Firefox 4 was launched last week and within 24 hours the number of downloads touched a 7.1 million mark. Within 48 hours, it passed 15 million and currently it is nearing 40 million total downloads. With this new version many new features were introduced and people hardly know about them. Today we would highlight few of those features which are almost hidden and could be utilized for better usage of Firefox 4.

Custom Tab Width

In one of our earlier post we mentioned about this feature but it was possible only through about:config trick. But with the release of full version of Firefox 4, this trick is no more useful.

To get custom Tab Width a new addon can be installed named as TAB WIDTH. With the help of tab width user can customize the width of tab to maximum and minimum.

App Tab

It is one of the new features added to Firefox 4. With this feature you can pin any of your favorite webpage sticky on the browser tab. Same kind of feature was introduced by Google Chrome and now it is available in Firefox too. To get this feature you have to follow these steps:

  • Open a webpage of your choice in new tab.
  • Right click on the tab and select “Pin as App Tab”.

That’s it, now your selected webpage got pinned in Firefox 4. If you don’t want a webpage to be pinned more, then simply right click on it and select the option for unpin.

Tab Groups (Panorama)

With the launch of Firefox 4, Mozilla made sure that tab management becomes much easier for people. That’s why they introduced Tab Groups (Panorama). It’s a pretty cool feature and can be used when you are working with too many tabs. Organize opened tabs into groups and enjoy your work without any clutter. For this all you need to do is click on tab groups button on the top right corner of the browser.

As soon as you click on the tab group button you will see the Firefox interface changed to a collection of thumbnails. These thumbnails are nothing but the opened tabs.

You can also name the tab group as per your choice. To create a new group, just draw it using the mouse in blank area or you can drag a tab thumbnail out of the group in blank area which will itself create a new group.

Type To Switch Tabs

Want to switch to a tab quickly without looking for which one it is? It’s pretty simple, just type in the initials of URL and you will find “switch to tab” option right away in the suggestion box. Select the option to switch.

So these are few tips related to tab management in Firefox 4. If you have any other tip related to tab management, the do share with us.

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