Solve Gmail Login Problems

Gmail Login problems are daily faced by many people all around the world. Many of those problems are related to Gmail Login or Gmail Sign in URLs. For such problems there are Gmail login alternatives available. If the problem is not related with login URLs then you should think about changing DNS. Although there are methods too which can help you in checking your Gmail Mails. Today we will tell you how to come over the Gmail Login problems.

Solve Gmail Login Problems

Gmail Login Problems can be solved using following methods:

1. Use alternate Gmail Login Addresses

At times it becomes hard to access But there are alternate Gmail Login addresses which can be used for access mails. Sometimes Gmail’s SSL login page is hard to access or few of the Gmail login URLs are blocked. In such case you can use these alternate URLs to login to your Gmail account.

2. Use Desktop Clients To Download Gmail Mails

Desktop email clients pull all your mails to your local system drive. They exclude spam mail and Chat messages. There are many desktop email clients which can be used for this purpose. Few of them are listed below:

a) Mozilla Thunderbird

b) Microsoft Outlook 2010 (Learn how to add Gmail to Outlook 2012)

c) Microsoft Outlook 2007 (Learn how to add Gmail to Outlook 2007)

d) Apple Mail

e) Windows Mail

f) Postbox

g) Zimbra

3. Use Offline Gmail

To overcome the Gmail Login problems you can also use Offline Gmail. This feature helps you to access your old Gmail messages without any internet connection. Offline Gmail download all mails present in inbox, archives, outbox, chats, etc. to your computer and updates the same in next login.

4. Forward Gmail Mails to another Email address

From safety point of view, this is the best method to forward your Gmail mails to another email addresses like Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediffmail or even another Gmail account.

5. Use Feed Reader to View Gmail Messages

An RSS feed is not a new concept. Every other website generates its feeds. Same concept is applicable for Gmail which has a RSS feed for inbox messages. These feeds can be easily read through any RSS reader supporting “authenticated feed”.

6. Use Browser extensions to access Gmail Mails

Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are famous for their extension/add-on library. There are add-ons available to access or to notify Gmail mails. Although they only notify when a new mail arrives in your inbox but still if clicked upon they will directly open your inbox from where you can access Gmail Mails.

The above mentioned methods are quite fool proof. They will help you to minimize Gmail Login Problems which you are facing currently. Which one is your favourite method to come over login problems of Gmail? Tell us through comments.

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