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Trying to sign in your Gmail account but not getting successful? I guess you should try some alternatives. There are methods to check your Gmail account if you are not able to sign in. But before going to those methods you must check your internet connection because at times it may be a problem due to your DNS. So first check out, that is there any problem with your ISP or not.

We have 8 different methods by which we can access our Gmail account:

  1. Alternate Gmail Login URLs
  2. Offline Gmail Mode
  3. iGoogle
  4. Google Toolbar
  5. Feed Reader
  6. Desktop Email Client
  7. Email Forwarding
  8. Other Methods

Let’s take up all these 8 different methods individually.

1. Alternate Gmail Login URLs

There are many such URLs by which you can login in to your account. These URLs are:

2. Offline Gmail Mode

Offline mode od Gmail is basically a Gmail Labs feature which once enabled helps in accessing old messages, archives, drafts and other features without using internet. It basically download all messages, archives, drafts, etc on your computers and makes it available in updated form till the last login.

3. iGoogle

Access your Gmail account with iGoogle. All you need to do is to login to your iGoogle account from and add a gadget for Gmail. After adding that gadget you can easily access your Gmail account with all its features.

4. Google Toolbar

If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer then I guess this method will suit your needs. Google provides a toolbar with all different facilities. On this toolbar you will find a Gmail icon. Once you click on it, you will be directed to your login page. Download Google toolbar if you are not using it because it’s the best toolbar out there with loads of features.

5. Feed Reader

You can view your Gmail inbox messages with the help of a Feed Reader. You can use any RSS reader to read your Gmail RSS feed. You just need to authenticate it with your username and password then you can easily go through your Gmail feed.

6. Desktop Email Client

Through Desktop Email clients you can download all your Gmail messages excluding spam and chat messages. You can compose and send emails once you login through these desktop Email clients. The most common desktop client is Microsoft Outlook as everybody uses Microsoft Office, so it comes along with it. The other best option is Mozilla Thunderbird.

Beside these two there are few other Desktop Email clients which support Gmail. These are:

  • Windows Mail
  • Outlook Express, 2003 & 2007
  • Apple Mail

You can check the process to add your Gmail account to Outlook 2007 in one or our post.

7. Email Forwarding

Ever used email forwarding for your regular mail accounts? Well it’s a very convenient feature in which you can forward your Gmail messages to your other mail addresses like Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediffmail, etc.

8. Other Methods

If you are not satisfied with any of the above methods then there are other methods too. You can use:

  • Google Desktop
  • Gmail manager plugin
  • Gtalk to access Gmail
  • Other Gmail services like YouTube or Orkut

So these are few of the Gmail Sign in alternatives which you can use if you are facing trouble in accessing your Gmail account.

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Mr. J. N. Rao; please feel free to ask any question. We will try our level best to help you.

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Hi Jyoti, no one other than you can delete your Gmail account. We have given a detailed step by step guide on how to delete gmail account permanently.

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