How To Delete Google Account Permanently

Are you planning to delete Google Account permanently? Well if you have made your mind then first of all you need to know how to delete Google Account permanently (the process) and also what things you should do before deleting it.

Things To Know

Before you delete your Google Account forever, you must know the following things:

  1. Once you delete your Google Account, you will lose all your data present in all of the Google products connected to that account. This might include – Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube, Google Calendar, Orkut, Google Books, Blogger, Google Talk and any other Google related service which is accessible with the help your Google ID and password.
  2. Once an account is deleted, the same ID is deleted forever and no new users would ever be able to take your old ID.

Required Steps To Be Taken Before Deleting Google Account

Before deleting your Google Account, make sure that you take following necessary steps:

  1. Take back up of your contacts and update people before deleting the account.
  2. Cancel subscriptions of all premium and non-premium services related to that Google Account.
  3. Take back up of all your data present in your Google Account.

Back Up Your Google Data

First of all login to your Google account and click on drop down nest to your profile icon. Select Account.

Click Google Account settings

Now before starting the actual process of deletion, download and save your Google data. You can do so by selecting Data Liberation on the left side of the screen. Google servers have all the data of your account. Just click on “Download your data” and all your important stuff will be downloaded.

Download Google Data from Data Liberation option

It can also be done with the help of Google Takeout which we will be telling our upcoming post.

Delete Google Account Permanently

Now coming back to the business, here is the full process which will guide you how to delete Google Account permanently. Deleting Google account is far easier than creating one. So let’s start with the process:

  • Just like we told, Click on Account (or Account Settings) by clicking on drop down present next to your profile icon.
  • Make sure “Account Overview” option is selected on the left side.

Google Account Overview option

  • On right side, under services click on the option “Close Entire Account and Delete All Services and Info Associated With It”. The option present above to this one will only delete Google+ profile and associated features.

Delete Google Account Option Link

  • After this, Google will ask you to select & confirm the services which you wish to delete along with main account. You will need to fill in your Google Account password and confirm the action.
Delete Google Account

Click to enlarge

  • Once you have selected all the check boxes and entered your Google Account password, click Delete Google Account.
  • That’s it. Its’ gone. You will get the following confirmation screen of Account Deletion.

Google Account Deleted

The process is easy and once done it is irrevocable. So choose wisely and then take final decision.

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