How To Insert SIM Card in iPhone 4S

John asks: I have recently bought an iPhone 4S but I am confused where to insert the SIM? Can you please tell me how to insert SIM card in iPhone 4S?

Just like John many new iPhone users get confused as where to insert the SIM in their new iPhone 4S. Normally SIM cards are inserted by removing the back panel of mobile handsets but in iPhone 4S the technique is a bit different. iPhone 4S uses a Micro SIM card which is of 15 mm x 12 mm in size. Standard SIM cards are of 25 mm x 15mm in size. Today we will tell you how to insert SIM card in iPhone 4S.

Process To Insert SIM Card in iPhone 4S

To insert SIM card in your iPhone 4S follow these steps:

  • Use the SIM eject tool (comes with the pack) or take a paper clip and straighten its curvy shape.
  • Now check on the right side of your iPhone 4S to locate the SIM tray like shown in the image.

iPhone 4S SIM Card Tray position

  • Insert the straightened paper clip or provided SIM eject tool into the small hole of SIM tray and push it slightly. (as shown in image) Once you push the SIM tray it will pop-out. Now pull the tray outside.

insert Sim in iPhone 4S

  • After taking out the SIM tray, put your MICRO SIM card into that tray. Adjust it perfectly in the space provided. Make sure that golden circuit side of the SIM should be faced downward.
  • Once done, push the SIM card tray back into the slot in the same way you ejected it. You will hear a click sound once the tray is successfully placed.
  • Wait for few seconds. iPhone 4S would recognize the SIM card.

The same process can be followed for iPhone 4 also.

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