How to Unblock Contacts In Gmail: Gmail Tips

Gmail has lots of features and one of them is to block contacts. People generally don’t know about this feature and remain invisible just to make sure that nobody bugs them while they are online. Once a contact is blocked, it will prevent you from getting seen by the person who is blocked. Even if you go online form Google Talk, still the facility remains same. This was all about blocking a contact but what if you wish to unblock a contact. Let’s check out unblocking of a contact in Gmail is done.

How to Unblock Contacts In Gmail

You can unblock a contact in Gmail just like the way you blocked it. You just need to select the same option again.

  • Type the name of the person whom you wish to unblock.
  • As the name appears, mouse over his ID and on the right side you will get an option to Block having a tick on it.

  • To unblock the contact, simply un-tick the block option.

This is how you can easily unblock a contact in Gmail.


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