Increase Boot Speed In Windows 7

Speeding up your PC or call it Windows is an easy task. People do a lot of things but they forget that by doing simple adjustments they can speed up boot time of their PC. Well that is why today we will tell you How to improve boot time in Windows 7.

You will find many such posts which will explain startup tweaking tips that are actually myths. That’s why we first tested all the tips which we are going to mention here and the result which we got was impressive.  We previously gave you a simple tip on how to increase Windows 7 boot speed but this time we are going to give you detailed tips and tricks. So let’s get started to make your Windows 7 boot faster.

Increase Boot Time In Windows 7

Try these tested tips and tricks to improve your Windows 7 boot speed or time.

1. Remove excess Programs from Startup

No one can deny this tweak to speed up your system boot process. Removing excess programs from startup do help a lot. For this you need to type msconfig in the Start Menu Search box. This will give you msconfig.exe; hit enter to get the options. This application will let you to choose to enable applications which you wish to launch at startup and to disable the application which you don’t want to launch at startup.

remove programs from startup in Windows 7

There are two good programs which solve the same purpose. One is Soluto and the other one CCleaner. Both come with the feature where you can select programs to launch at startup.

2. Updated Antivirus

You never know at this current moment how many viruses would be ready to infect your system. That’s why it is highly necessary to use a good antivirus and that too it should remain updated.There are many good antiviruses like Avast. If you don’t like avast the there are other ones too.

Antivirus Updated and reliable

3. Disable Unused Hardware

Ok, now you would be thinking how unused hardware affects your system performance! Well a computer loads a lot of drivers when it gets started for the first time. During that startup it also loads drivers for that hardware which you never ever use. To remove or disable the unused hardware, head into device manager of your Windows 7.

disable unused hardware in Windows 7


You can do this by typing Device Manager in Start Menu’s search and then once you are in Hardware Manager then look for those devices which you don’t use. The most common culprits are modems, virtual Wi-Fi adapters, etc. Just right click on them and hit disable. Make sure that you don’t disable drivers of those devices which you actually use. It is also necessary to keep your drivers updated.

4. Delay Windows Services Running at Startup

Disabling services from msconfig speed up your boot time but we also find it problematic that’s why you can delay certain startup services. This will help your computer to boot faster than ealier.

Delay Windows Services Running at Startup

 5. Tweak Your BIOS

At the time of first setup of computer BIOS is set up to make certain things convenient but once the system is all setup those services or options can be disabled. To enter into BIOS of your system either press DEL or F2 (or whichever key allows you to enter BIOS). Once you are in, turn on the ‘QUICK BOOT’ option. Also in the boot sequence/priority set hard disk as first option.

Boot priority order in Windows 7

Quick boot will prevent any startup tests and boot priority will directly jump to OS rather looking for CDs or thumb drives or any other media at startup. Also you might have noticed that even BIOS updates are available. Do keep updating BIOS but only if you know properly how to do it.

6. Remove Unnecessary Fonts

Windows has a habit of loading fonts at startup which eventually slows down the boot time. Well removing one font from a list of hundreds is not a good option. The list increases even more if you have Microsoft Office installed on your system.

hide or remove fonts in Windows 7


Users only use few fonts, rest remain unused. For them you can do one thing. Go to Start Menu search and type Fonts. Open the font’s folder and then hide those fonts which you don’t use. You can find hide option in toolbar.

7. Use Static IP

Usually people keep the option “Obtain an IP address automatically” on but this makes computer spend significant time in finding a proper IP from network.

Use static IP in Windows 7


You can give your computer a static IP, this will help you in getting rid of time delay.

8. Change Timeout Value of Boot Menu

If you are running two different OS on same system (i.e. dual boot) then your boot menu probably has a timeout value. It is generally visible on startup. Boot menu timeout gives you certain time to decide on which OS to choose.

Change timeout value of Boot Menu


Typically the timeout value is 30 seconds which is quite a long time if you are not looking at the screen. To change the timeout value, open msconfig and then click on BOOT tab and then change the timeout value from 30 seconds to something lower.

9. Upgrade RAM

Well this is a well known fact that increasing RAM always help in speeding up the computer. If your system is running on lower RAM, try upgrading it as RAMs are coming pretty cheaper these days.


This will definitely help you in improving the boot speed of you computer.

10. Use Solid State Drive

In the process of hardware evolution, hard disks have also evolved. One of the best ways to speed up the boot process will be using solid state drives. Solid State Drives have super-fast read time.


Definitely SSD are not that cheaper but if you wish to see some shocking difference in boot time of your system then do upgrade your system with an SSD.

Well these are few tips and tricks which you can use to speed up the boot time of your computer. I am sure many of these steps you must have tried but try the ones which you haven’t gone for. If you have any other tip or trick to improve boot time then share with us. These tricks are tested and that’s why we shared it here. Try them and share you experience with us through comments.


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