Install Apps on Android Devices Without Using Android Market

How do you install apps on your Android? The most common answer for this question will be “from Android Market”, which means you search for an app or go through the library, select an app and click on it to install. This method is easy but not always helpful as there are apps which are not available in Android Market. For them the usual method won’t work. In such case there are other methods through which you can install apps on your Android device.

Enable Unknown Sources

As mentioned earlier, if you don’t find the app in Android Market then there is an option for you. You can download the app manually and install its .apk file. In case of apps .apk file just behaves like a .exe file which is commonly seen in Windows. But before going for this process you must first allow your phone to install apps from “Unkown Sources”. To apply this setting, follow the given process:

  • Open menu from your Android device.
  • Go to settings and open Applications.
  • Now check the option for “Unkown Sources”.

After this only you can progress with the other possible methods of installing apps on your Android. Let us check out different methods of installing apps.

2 Different Methods To Install Apps


  • First of all you need to install a File Manager which could show the data present on your SD card. The two file managers which we prefer are OI File Manager and Astro File Manager.

  • After installing any of the file managers (here we have used Astro File Manager), connect your Android device to your PC through USB cable. To view the contents of SD Card mount it and copy the .apk file of the desired app.
  • Now to install navigate to the .apk file using Astro file manager and select the file. As soon as you select the file a dialogue box will appear. Select the option for “Open App Manager” from the given options.

  • You will be guided to different pages where you just have to select “Install” everywhere.


One of the XDA Developers developed a web app i.e. Online apk installer which makes the manual installation of apps much easier. The process involves following steps:

  • Go to and upload the .apk file of the app from your PC. You can do this by clicking on the “Browse Files” button. Your apk file will remain active for 15 days on this website.

  • As soon as you upload the apk file you will get a QR code.

  • Once the scan is complete, click the link to download the .apk file from your Android device.

  • After the download is finished you can easily install the .apk file by clicking on it.

These are the methods by which you can install apps on your Android device without using Android Market.

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