Intel Launched 120GB X25-M SSD

Solid state drives are the future of currently used hard-disks. SSD are well known for using solid state memory to store the persistent data. SSDs are not only better in performance but they are also less susceptible to physical shock which was more pronounced for electromagnetic hard drives. SSDs are now entering into the market with better push from the companies. Intel just unveiled its 120GB X25-M SSD. This 120GB X25-M SSD has been introduced to fill the gap between its previous introduced SSD models of 80GB and 160 GB.

PRICE OF INTEL 120GB X25-M, 160GB X25-M and 80GB SSDs

Intel not only launched the 120GB X25-M SSD but it also lowered the price of earlier SSDs. Now its 80GB version is available for $199 and 160GB X25-M for $415. Whereas the new version i.e. 120GB X25-M has been tagged for $249. So if you are planning to upgrade then this could be the best deal for you.

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