New Firefox Home Page

Mozilla Firefox is trying to catch up with heat of browser war. To do this, they are bringing a lot of changes to their browser interface. We have seen in past the speedy release of versions but now with the Aurora channel we found that the latest change involves new home page. Aurora Channel has already got the new Firefox home page which will be visible in next two versions.

New Firefox Home Page

The new Firefox home page is displayed to new users who install the aurora package for the first time on their system or when you enter about:home in the address bar or when Firefox itself gets configured to load that page.

New Firefox home page

  • The new homepage includes:
  1. Google Search at the center.
  2. A bottom toolbar linking often used features.
  • Bottom toolbar includes following features:
  1. Bookmarks: It open the browser’s bookmark manager in a new window.
  2. History: helps in accessing history manager in a new window.
  3. Settings: This one loads the preferences.
  4. Add-ons: Remember the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + A to access add-ons manager. Now with a single click you can access add-on manager.
  5. Downloads: Access recent downloads directly from this toolbar link.
  6. Sync: This one opens Firefox sync to configure data synchronization.
  7. Restore previous session: A single click option to restore the last browser session.

One can easily access these options using their shortcuts and that is why for advanced users this new home page won’t be of great use but for a newbie this new design would be of big help. So what do you think about the new Firefox Home Page design? Tell us through comments.

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