Remove/Uninstall Google Chrome Extensions Easily

We have written a lot about installing chrome extensions but never told you how to uninstall them. In this post we would concentrate on the methods by which you can Remove/Uninstall Google Chrome Extensions easily. At times the ordinary method to remove/uninstall chrome extension doesn’t work for many people. That’s why we should know not only the proper method but the alternative method to remove/uninstall chrome extensions. Let’s check out the two methods by which you can easily remove/uninstall chrome extensions.

Uninstall Chrome Extensions From Within Chrome Browser

  • Open Chrome and click the wrench icon on the right corner.
  • Navigate to Extensions. Click to open it.

  • As soon as you click Extensions, a new tab will open listing all extensions. You can directly open this page by typing chrome://extensions/ in the address bar.
  • Now click Uninstall for the desired extension and the chrome extension will be uninstalled within a moment.

Well this was one method, the ordinary one with which you can remove/uninstall chrome extensions. But at times some chrome extensions don’t show up and remain active, creating crash problems. This happens when extensions don’t load or install properly. In such situation, there is another method by which you can uninstall chrome extensions. Lets check out this alternate method.

Uninstall Chrome Extension That Are Not Visible

  • Unhide the hidden folders. For this go to Tools>Folder Options.

  • Select the tab named view. Select the option named “Show hidden files, folders, or drives”.
  • Now you have to locate the default location of extensions. The default location is different in different Windows Operating Systems. For this check the location mentioned below.

QUICK TIP: Replace the <username> with your actual username in the current operating system.

  • Copy the above mentioned root locations in the address bar of your windows explorer. Once you get to the default folder, look for the folder named Extensions.
  • Within the Extensions folder you will find the folders of extensions installed in your chromebrowser.

  • Open the folder of installed extensions where you will find a sub-folder with version number of installed chrome extension.
  • Open the sub-folder which will help you in identifying the extension.
  • Now delete the folder of the desired Chrome extension which you wish to uninstall.

QUICK TIP: Make sure that while doing this Chrome is not open.

This is how you can uninstall those chrome extensions which create problem.

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