Types of Screen Protectors

Mobile screen protectors come really handy for those people who want to keep their handset in pristine form. These screen protectors come in different styles, shape and sizes. Be it an iPhone, Android device, a tablet or any other feature phone, there are set of screen protectors from which you can pick one for yourself. Since there are so many touch screen devices in the market so it has become really important to have one on your device to protect it from scratches.

Types of Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are not just used for screen protection but they have actually evolved in other forms of uses like anti sticking stuff and screen privacy. So the question is what all types of screen protectors come in the market and which one to choose to solve the purpose.

Regular Screen Protectors

Regular Screen Protectors comes at a very low price. You can easily find them coming in largest number pack. In fact these are considered as the most basic type of screen protectors and people usually utilize them for scratch protection.

Since they are just made to keep your device screen safe, that is why if not taken care of properly, they wouldn’t stand long. They come in a pack of 3 or more.

Privacy Screen Protectors

You will find these screen protectors usually thicker than any other. These screen protectors either have a texture which makes them to block view from different angles until unless you look at the screen directly or these are reflective in nature just like a mirror.

It’s a bit harder to apply Privacy Screen Protectors because of their thickness but this factor solely depends on the brand. Like the regular screen protectors, these also offer scratch protection. Along with this they also offer you privacy for browsing. Privacy Screen Protectors come expensive and you can find them in a pack of one or two. The downside of these screen protectors is that due to their thickness they can stuck on things when get peeled off from edges. Also if you are using the mirrored ones then you will find them worst for repelling fingerprints because of their ultra-smoothness and reflective style.

Anti-Glare Screen Protectors

Anti-Glare Screen Protectors are not that thick; this makes them easier to apply. They are also good for repelling fingerprints and any other kind of sticky substances.

Their cost may vary depending on the brand which you choose. Anti-Glare Screen Protectors come in a pack of two usually.

So these are different kinds of Screen protectors. We feel that now you might not face any problem while selecting the appropriate screen protector for your device.

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